Waris Shaikh

Team Patras Medicine 2022 Wiki


The template structure is as follows:

|__ assets/            -> contains uncompiled Sass files
|__ components/        -> contains Vue.js components
|__ layouts/           -> contains Nuxt.js layouts
|__ pages/             -> contains all views and routes of the website
|__ plugins/           _> contains Nuxt.js plugins
|__ .dockerignore      -> tells dockers which files/directories should be excluded from the context
|__ .editorconfig      -> a collection of text editor plugins for maintaining consistent coding styles
|__ .gitignore         -> tells GitLab which files/directories should not be uploaded to the repository
|__ .gitlab-ci.yml     -> an automated flow for building, testing and deploying your website.
|__ docker-compose.yml -> a config file for Docker Compose
|__ Dockerfile         -> a file with instructions on how to build the docker image
|__ LICENSE            -> License CC-by-4.0, all wikis are required to have this license - DO NOT MODIFY
|__ nuxt.config.js     -> a Nuxt configuration file
|__ package-lock.json  -> the exact dependencies tree of the website
|__ package.json       -> contains all the dependencies and scripts for the website
|__ README.md          -> a file containing the text you are reading right now
|__ tailwind.config.js -> a tailwind configuration file
|__ tsconfig.json      -> a Typescript configuration file


Building locally using npm

git clone https://gitlab.igem.org/2022/patras-medicine.git
cd patras-medicine
npm install
npm run dev

Testing production

docker-compose up -d --build
docker-compose down #to stop the running container